Pro-Voter Fraud Democrats In NH Linked to North Carolina?

The big news in voter fraud this week was the stunning, to some of us, numbers of cross state voters caught in North Carolina, 35,000, caught by this interesting idea that it may be possible to take all the computer data states keep about voters and cross match it with other states who do not support voter fraud.

Only a genius - or someone with basic computer skills would have thought such a thing possible. But here goes.

The interstate program that can track double voters is called the “Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program”.

Here is the web site:

Currently, 28 states belong to this anti-voter fraud program. The big pro-voter fraud states do not.

New Hampshire does not belong to the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program for obvious reasons – we would be laughed out.

Hopefully, since The Coalition of NH Taxpayers has some friends in North Carolina who have helped us out before, we might be able to acquire the NH connections – or should I say the NH connections to voter fraud CNHT has not found already.

2014 is going to be brand new year in North Carolina elections.

Too bad NH can’t be part of that story yet. We keep electing Democrat governors who veto clean election laws.