Any Friend Of Janice Rottenberg Is A Friend Of Voter Fraud?

The races for Congress in NH are taking shape and the Democrats want to frame any potential Republican or conservative in a light that would divert attention away from ObamaDemocratCare. What sane person wouldn’t want to avoid a middle class destroying Democrat mandate that destroys American health care.

To do this deed Democrats count on labeling any opponent as a kitten starving puppy kicker who wants to hurt the middle class.

This is just a start.

They will repeat, endlessly, that “Big Oil” controls the votes of any Republican or conservative candidate or just shout “Halliburton” from the rooftops.

One hope Democrats have is with a Mr. Havenstein, running for governor, and a doomed to fail Democrat campaign of challenging Havenstein’s domicile during a seven year “inhabitant” requirement to hold that office. The NH Ballot Law Commission threw out any vestiges of that law having any meaning with the pro-Democrat “Foy” Decision in 2000.

Suddenly, in a head spinning reversal of the dearly held Democrat position that people from out of state can vote in NH, Democrats are FOR a real definition of the legal term used by most other states and our NH Constitution.

And then the past comes back to give me a shot at the recent DCCC press release by a Mr. Josh Schwerin, a Democrat mouthpiece who issued a statement about the NH races.

I recognized that name right away!

Josh is a regular on the LinkedIn pages of out of state Democrat activist vote thieves we catch in NH!

Here is his LinkedIn page:

As you may notice, Josh has a lot of political pals listed on his LinkedIn site and one very familiar name is Janice Rottenberg of South Bend Indiana who is also a known NH vote thief who stole a NH vote in Nashua in 2012 when she was working to pass ObamaDemocratCare with Organizing for America.

Josh and Janice were transient campaign activists in 2012 working for Terry McAuliffe after the presidential election was over.

Here is Janice’s LinkedIn page:

It’s a small vote fraud world here in NH.

Can’t have a decent election without knowing who the players are!