"Four States" Tries To Change The Subject

In a desperate attempt to shift Attention from Democrat Jeanne Shaheen’s unwavering support for ObamaDemocratCare, transient Democrat spokesperson, Julie “Four States In Four Years” McClain, tosses a class envy, anti-big oil press release bone to the partisans in her party.

How sad is that?

Come on, sell that tax cut, keep your doctor, free health insurance program in New Hampshire Senator Shaheen!

Here is what “Four States” offers in its stead:


Brown did Wall Street’s Bidding Before, and They Want Him Again

Concord, NH—Today, Ending Spending Action Fund, a group founded by a billionaire Wall Street CEO, is spending another $42,000 in New Hampshire to buy our Senate seat for former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, so he can return to Washington, DC to protect their interests.

“Another Wall Street special interest group is swooping in to try and buy New Hampshire’s senate seat for Scott Brown because they know he will put their interests first,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “This ad is full of the same negative attacks Brown has been spouting across the state during his so-called ‘listening’ tour with no regard for the best interests of people across New Hampshire.

"It's laughable that a Wall Street interest group is trying to tell Granite State families that a Massachusetts Republican is ‘right’ for New Hampshire, when the truth is that the only people Scott Brown is ‘right’ for are the billionaires funding these outrageous ads.”

During his time in the Senate, Scott Brown watered down Wall Street reform and delivered billions in tax breaks. So it’s no surprise that Wall Street and Big Oil special interest groups have already spent more than $1.5 million in negative advertising against Senator Jeanne Shaheen, outspending progressive groups at a rate of three to one.