Atkinson's Phil Consentino - BIG "Winner"

Here is what a “winner” looks like.

The video posted below is of the recent Atkinson Selectman’s Meeting of May 12. The bald-headed guy on the left is the former police chief, Phil Consentino, who, after getting caught indulging himself in perverted acts in front of, behind, and around, the poor woman working in the police dispatch position he had to relinquish his police chief job.

The Town relinquished about $100,000.00 and did not prosecute the pervert.

The “good” citizens of Atkinson then elected the pervert to a selectman’s position and now the victorious predator is trapped in his swiveling masterabator chair (Selectmen deal with abatements – the former police chief dealt in masturbation – that is the subtle difference so far. Its all in the complaint.)

The Atkinson Selectmen in this video are trying to go into a non-public session which may revolve around one of the many lawsuits involving the pervert. So the public members in attendance are naturally interested in knowing WHY the selectmen are going into a non-public session, as it is illegal to do so if a selectmen is the subject of the discussion.

How can you have a lawsuit in Atkinson without the pervert being involved?

Watch the pervert jump to his feet and try and bully the public.

This is what happens to a town that lets bullies into office. This is an example of what police bullies do when they know they are protected by the NH AG’s office.

And this is how municipal bullies operate when they are assured the courts will let them off the hook if they are sued or challenged.

Phil Consentino is the “winner”.

The Town of Atkinson is the loser.