Ain't That Tweet

While doing the regular Wednesday 6:40 am WLMW 90.7 segment on voter fraud here: there was an on air news flash.

This week I mentioned 2012 ballot box stuffer and NY resident, Katrina Lipinsky, as being caught voting in Merrimack by some Republicans who were on the lookout for such things. Having just done a voter fraud workshop last Saturday in Merrimack, that, along with Lipinsky was this week’s topc.

I showed how to comb through LinkedIn to find Lipinsky’s “network” of LinkedIn activists from the Obama Organizing for America 2012 campaign and how close they are to Shaheen, Kuster, and The Nashua Telegraph.

Check for yourself:

So while we were still on the air Rich Girard Tweeted Katrina Lipinsky and she was dumb enough to respond:

Girard at Large@GirardAtLarge 2h

@Katweeta So, why are you voting from an address in Merrimack NH? #stopvoterfraud Comment, requested!

@GirardAtLarge I'm no longer registered in NH - I vote where I claim domicile; it's the law. I once lived in Merrimack. Conversation over.

But Katrina, you never lived in NH. You just squatted here and stole a NH citizen’s vote from a voter fraud flophouse rental Obama put you up in.

Here is your handy work:

The number to respond to for the above Obama meet and greet was the same number of your home in NY? How’s that?

Conversation NOT over, especially if you plan on coming back to our state, from New York, to work for Shaheen or Hillary - like your LinkedIn pals are doing.

Right now we are working on getting the dates you registered in, I am assuming at this point, several states. So as that information comes back to NH – the conversation begins again.

Conversation NOT over.