Hillary The Inevitable - Again

It looks like poor, penniless, pitiful Hillary will have something besides Rose Law Firm billing records in her trunk from now on – some hard to sell memoirs will be bouncing around in there if her car ever moves again. Remember, Hillary was thinking out loud to a reporter lot long ago and mentioned she had not driven a car in some 16 years. Penniless with a chauffeur, not a bad gig as long as you can hold onto it.

And Hillary intends to hold on as long as possible, even with poll numbers below 50% against RINO opponents. Why not? The Democrats have groomed and protected this lay-about for decades. It’s her turn.

But the hard left Democrats that see they can elect and re-elect a true Harvard Marxist as President do not want damaged goods such as a feeble, incompetent candidate - with a track record to prove it. They want the real thing.

Native American Elizabeth Warren and the Vermont accented Bernie Sanders are unabashed leftists in the mode of wild eyed street preachers for the cause. Certainly they should be given a chance to catch fire – if Obama will cough up his massive voter data-base of private voter information.

The people who run the democrat party know the time to change America forever is right at their Alinsky finger tips and a doddering Hillary could screw it up.

Watch as the left gets crazier and crazier, if that is possible, in the next few months as pressure is put on the anointed pants suit to waddle off to some college to “teach” something.

As I see it, Hillary’s recent tendency to blather off the cuff from some comfy chair interview may even be damaging Chelsea’s chances at an automatic Senate seat of her choice.

And they say Republicans have problems.

How many liberals are going to sit out another chance to get elected or appointed to something Hillary wants?

Obama didn’t put up with it.

Look how well he is doing!

And if you want to see déjà vu all over again regarding billing records and other “lost” documents and subpoenas just read this PBS art.:


If Lois Lerner can just hold out like Hillary did everything will be forgotten.