Happy Democrat Gas Tax Day!!

Oh I got a "Thank you Democrats" letter from a CNHT member up North:

Dear editor,

Please print this article in your newspaper ASAP.

“All NH residents to pay for I – 93 widening, or so it seems!”

In northern NH, a region plagued with gas prices 15 to 20 cents per gallon consistently higher than southern NH, adding another deliberate tax is unthinkable. But in the infinite wisdom of NH politicians, a deliberate tax increase was imposed. Have you felt the “pain at the pump” yet, Northern NH?!

North Country Democrat representatives as well as a majority of southern NH Democrat representatives decided that all NH residents should pay for the widening of I – 93 (Exits 1 – 5) from Salem through Derry. Or so it seems!

By signing on to the ill-conceived “bipartisanship” bill to increase the gas tax, Rebecca Brown (D) – Sugar Hill, Susan Ford (D) - Easton, Marcia Hammon (D) – Whitefield, Linda Massimilla (D) – Littleton, and Jeff Woodburn (D) – senator of District 1 from Dalton voted a tax hike for their neighbors and constituents in northern NH while at the same time voting to decrease “taxes” for southern NH residents. This poorly-thought-out gas tax increase bill, which was signed by the governor and becomes law on July 1, 2014 has a provision to eliminate the Merrimack toll booth on I – 293!!

It seems southern NH politicians were looking for a “deal” and were shrewdly successful at the expense of the rest of us.

So, if you drive a car, a truck, an SUV, a camper, or a motorized boat, or use a chainsaw, tractor, snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, scooter, lawn mower, grass trimmer, or any tool/machine which uses gas or diesel, you’re paying for the widening of the Salem through Derry exits on I – 93 in southern NH while those residents in southern NH who use I – 293 get a tax decrease through toll relief with help thanks to North Country Democrats!

Nick De Mayo

Sugar Hill, NH

(603) 823-9816

 (Hassen it been a while since you could fill up for under $80.00?)