Your Pie Just Got Smaller Moonbat!

Sometimes I forget to try and be first with some information readers might find interesting so let me get this one out quick before I forget.

All the talk about illegal alien children being sent all over America for the Third World Colonization of America Program Obama is running now that he found out he is not dictator exposes some standard fare. Border agents change diapers, kids have no clean clothes, rape, death, disease and all that.

But what is being held a secret by the news media until the program is complete is the one fact that will burn down the Democrat house of immigration/colonization cards.

All these foreign, illegal kids are getting Social Security numbers one way or another.

That is what happened in Massachusetts in the 80’s when  they brought in tons of South East Asians into towns around Boston.

The Democrats run on the time honored scare tactic that Republicans want to destroy Social Security. They do it even in gubnatorial races.

But wait until old-fashioned Democrat voters find out that liberal Democrats will bankrupt what is left of Social Security with illegal aliens just to find new young voters they have aborted for so many years.