How Do I Get On The Rick Perry Campaign Bus

Congressman Tom Delay went through this in Texas as well as Sarah Palin and Senator Stevens in Alaska, the criminalization of politics by the desperate Alinsky Democrats who smell a beating coming at the polls.

I started writing here at this blog some five years ago defending then Texas Congressman Delay after reading the statutes the corrupt prosecutor in Texas used to indict him out of office. There was no case against Tom Delay and that is why it took seven grand juries to come up with the ham sandwich indictment Delay eventually prevailed against - long after his political career was over.

And as with US Senator Stevens of Alaska. The facts of his indictment did not match the mish-mash of charges of corruption levied against him by prosecutors in Alaska. Those convictions were tossed before just he died.

Sarah Palin outsmarted the Left as she has always done by resigning from office rather than suffer death by a thousand accusations, one of which was firing a thug State Trooper. (She lives on to aggravate her opponents on a daily basis to the point Palin hatred of is almost a definable mental disorder of the Left.)

Does prosecuting an opponent out of office sound familiar?

Now it is Governor Rick Perry's turn. And here is what will certainly begin - the abandonment of Republican victims of the criminalization of politics by Establishment Republicans who seize the opportunity to rid themselves of a candidate they do not like.

That is just as bad as the phony indictments.

Do Establishment Republicans think they gain by this?

Are they immune from the same treatment in the future?