Taking It Like Men?

Is it nice to see someone get the same nasty treatment they love to dish out to others?

Of course it is!

Consider the dilemma NBC Superstar Tom Brokaw finds himself in with this Page Six investigative journalism news flash:


NBC has hired a British news hottie, that is how she is described and photographed in several stories I have seen, (and they make fun of FOX News) to clean up the NBC mess that has come from being so left for so long.

You have to admire the side by side photos in this news article. Brokaw is flashing his crooked lower teeth and the British hottie has a sly, smirking pose.

The boys at NBC are steaming at a comment the new hottie laid on them. She said NBC was asleep for 15 years! The NBC group think turned to group stink.

Oh, the tender feelings of hard news newsmen.

Time to sit back and watch NBC for once?

Just joking.