And Then Fred Leonard Shows Up

Last Saturday I volunteered to cook a whole pig for the Concerned Veterans for America event in Rochester at their fairgrounds. It was just about a week long ordeal.

Get the pig, get the stuff to cook the pig, set up everything to cook the pig – without much sleep in between. But on the other hand they say we have a picture somewhere of Texas Governor Rick Perry taking a picture of our pig on the spit.

That BBQ sauce covered pig did look good and the crowd of media that showed up got singed taking the same photos.

And as is my custom as such events I did not speak to any of NH’s establishment media because it is always a waste of time. All I had was a quote in the LA Times.

With anything volunteerish one always depends on those who show up. CVA had just enough people to pull this gig off but it was a close call. You have to see bodies in person to gage whether or not you are going to make it.

Early on before our help arrived in total a car pulls up and it is Rochester’s own Fred Leonard. I have not seen Fred much since the Spending Cap battle in Rochester a few years back:

Fred seemed surprised he had not heard much about the pig roast and he offered to stick around and help.

Fifty lbs of cooked sausage later Fred disappeared without me saying thanks. Cooking fifty lbs of sausage on a gas grill is a hot greasy job Fred took on flawlessly.

Let me thank Fred right now along with the other volunteers who shouldered the smoked shoulders we also cooked.