New tool in North Carolina To Protect Voter Integrity


Thought you might like what Jay DeLancy has done in North Carolina and is working to help other states accomplish. 

Citizen activism.



A couple who own a house in New Boston told me a little over two years ago that they have lived in their house 20+ years and one of the old owners, the husband of the couple they bought it from and who now lives in England, is still registered and voting out of their house. 


The children of the prior owners who were toddlers when they lived there are now registered and voting out of the New Boston house.  A child of theirs who wasn’t born when they lived there and now appears to be going to college in England is registered to vote out of the New Bston house. Apparently the wife is the only one not registered at that address to vote in New Boston, but they believe she is a British citizen.


All of this was brought to the AG’s attention in a formal complaint.  The formal response was that because the “English” voters live in England and have to use some address in New Hampshire to vote, everything is legal about this arrangement. 

Without tightening our laws, compiling this information across the state may be useful in understanding par of the problem.  Unfortunately, it is not going to solve the problem. 

Bill O’Brien


NB: Both of these entries were received via email and posted by NHInsider