Voter Fraud Resources

Here is a web site of a non-profit anti-voter fraud organization in Virginia, The Virginia Voter Alliance.

The Virginia Voter Alliance recently caught double voters from a very small segment of their state voting in Maryland. This now gives them a great format to follow.

It will be interesting to see what state will prosecute the double voters. Anyone guessing Maryland will go after double voters if they are from a certain party?

I am hoping to get these 17 names and the ones to follow to compare with New Hampshire’s list of non-resident voters. Since NH encourages non-resident voters through rigged court cases and lack of prosecution there is a good chance we may hit a triple voter – we have caught every other kind of fraud, double voters, non-resident and a buss load of out of state crook voting in a closed state park from a nonexistent house on a non-existent road.

You may notice NH, well not officials from NH, but individuals from NH, work with other states to root out voter fraud.