Another Day In The Life Of...Name That Moonbat

If you are involved in politics at the local level it will soon become apparent that public school teachers are mostly liberals and enjoy the comradhood of their chosen profession – even though they have little time off, get paid waaaaaaaaaaaay to little and have to buy paper and pencils for the “chiltren” with their own meager income.

Some in the profession get a bit off center when they are constantly shown so little respect by elected officials who are labeled as conservative, conservatives who are also known as “The Enemy”.

No wonder this Wisconsin professional went bonkers at the Jefferson Wisconsin State Fair.

Right now she is on paid leave until the investigation is over. That is nice.

I will take a wild guess she will be re-instated to her old job teaching our childten stuff and all that.

Why not let a crazy, political activist, and confessed violent person back into an elementary school unsupervised?

As long as none of the chiltren she “teaches” are conservatives she probably won’t harm any of them.