Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall - Who's The Minority After All?

Here is an interesting case about minority voting rights:


In Dallas County, Texas Anglo (white) voters became a minority, now making up about 33% of the population and all of the County seats for office were won in the resulting elections by non-Anglo, in this case, Democrat candidates.

Along comes 2010 and time for redistricting. Surprise, the newly elected block of minority officials redistricted the Anglo, predominately Republican, voters into one district so they could keep non-Anglo control of Dallas County.

Here we have a law firm representing the white voters in a case of reverse discrimination. All they are asking for is a legitimate redistricting map something black voters in may states have sought court in the past.

Here is a 2011 Dallas County Map showing the Districts:


Meet Wiley Price, Dallas County Commissioner:


He seems to be a rather unbiased Commissioner. (Satire)

The present makeup of county officials is still a majority of Anglo commissioners but the Republican to Democrat change will be locked in by herding so many Anglo voters into one district.

I have my suspicions about this liberal law firm representing the Anglo voters at the head guy is Georgetown Law and Columbia
“educated” so this may simply be a fund raising ploy by the 501 (c) non-profit representing the mew minority, plus the case reads like middle school press release not a real serious civil rights case.

The courts who take up this case, if they bother, will have a chance to invent some new case law or conjure up some new legalese about former majority now minority rights.

Will they stand by the 1965 Civil Rights Act in a case filed so close to MLK’s Birthday?

Or is it all just a joke playing out over time?