Metzler Meltdown

I just received an email from one of our CNHT activists in Atkinson and it appears Timberlane School Stupidintendant, Squirrely Earl Metzler, requested the Plaistow police have him investigated.

And under what parameters do we use public funds to investigate, or rather, try to intimidate, a taxpayer who asks a few questions about a multi million dollar school budget?

Is The Earl of Metzler really this scared of some simple, interested taxpayer asking a few targeted questions?

How does the conversation between the Plaistow Police Department and an out of control school superintendant go?

(The Dr.) “Hello, is this the Plaistow Police Department – on my speed dial?”

(PPD) “Yes, how can we help you?”

(The Dr.) “This is The Earl of Metzler over at Timberlane Regional Money Pit and I would like to report a crime.”

(PPD) “What is the crime Your Highness?”

(The Dr.) “Well there is along list of crimes to be honest. We have a guy over here, a taxpayer, you know the type, asking questions about me hiring friends and relatives for no-show jobs and the like”. “And he has been showing up at some meetings I hear – public meetings – with a camera.”

(PPD) “Oh, I see.”

(The Dr.) And that’s not all. He has started a petition!! This guy is going around town collecting signatures on a piece of paper – FROM OTHER TAXPAYERS!”

(PPD) “No need to shout Dr., we are listening.”

(The Dr.) “So as you can see I am at my limited wits end and I need help scaring him off.” “This kind of stuff didn’t happen when I was a sports coach, everyone listened to me.” “But now that I am in charge of millions of dollars and not just a bunch of smelly sneakers and sweaty kids, I need help.”

(PPD) “Hmm, I see the problem.” “Maybe we can send an officer over there and check it out.” “Can you find and adult in one of your offices for him to talk to?”

(The Dr.) “I’ll try.” “Please hurry.”