City Council Morphs Into Team

Acting like the team it is, the tax and spend team in Portsmouth sets upon “one of its own.”

These stories get old for those of us who follow the Alinsky target and isolate schemes. In this case, a member of the Portsmouth City Council is targeted by the more gentile ensemble as using language that harms the soul.

And the local news outlet jumps aboard what the “team” is selling.

One City Councilor elected by a certain majority of voters is not happy with a new way of slipping what amounts to a spending cap on a new budget. This so-called spending cap is actually a target FOR spending, not a limiting spending cap, and she calls the process, are you ready for this shocker, “slimy.”

There it is for everyone to see. She actually called a process to enact a pro-spending cap through a third party, in this case a hastily appointed budget committee so as not to reflect on the current city council, slimy.

And oh how the team member’s feelings were hurt. No wonder they called in the local paper to out the elected non-team member for expressing her concern. And the media dutifully did what the team wanted. Now that is teamwork.

I thought a Portsmouth City Councilor was elected by voters to look out for citizens, not the “team” which is assembled in a rather goofy way if you ask me.

Here is how the Portsmouth City Team Leader is elected.

The person in a field of nine open Team seats who gets the most votes becomes mayor. Likewise, the next largest vote getter is the assistant mayor.

So you don’t get to vote for mayor in Portsmouth. It is a surprise, or rather a crap shoot in this instance.

If Portsmouth has wound up with a mayor whose feelings are so severely crushed by a team member who dares disagree with him maybe voters in Portsmouth should have adults run for mayor for real and not this jack in the box election.

In any case, let’s see if targeting the team member for stepping out of line works. I’ll check in now and then and see.