Three In The Bag, One In The Bra

Lunch lady steals from school, sound familiar?

The Concord School District here in NH had a lunch lady embezzle some $400,000.00 before she was caught. The first deal for her guilty plea was rejected by a judge for being too lenient.

As is often the case, embezzling money from a school or municipality has a certain lighthearted aspect to it as opposed to embezzling from a business or individual.

Here is how it works.

1. Embezzling from a school or town is almost forgiven by the powers that be because they have a working relationship with the embezzler. Who wants to look like a meanie.

2. The money doesn’t really belong to anyone, after all, its school or town money. Right?

3. The officials in charge during the embezzlement don’t want the issue of their failure to account for accountants hanging around the news very long. Damn that dirty laundry.

4. Most of the time the amount stolen is reported as far less than what is really missing.

Here is the news article about the lunch lady and the missing $1.8 million:

And as it is being explained by a fella from the school over $3 million is missing. That fits the pattern we see in NH all the time when it comes to municipal theft.

Rosie McNamara, as an example, the Ashland Town Clerk misappropriated at least $2 million over her time in that office and pled guilty to taking just over $100,000.00. She served minimal time and was ordered to pay back pocket change per month, just like our lunch lady in this story.

So next time you read about some municipal crook admitting to stealing from a town or school in NH simply add a few zeros to the admitted amount of stolen money and you might be more the real amount.

What would be remarkable is how unsophisticated the theft was and how long it took this school to miss three million dollars. But that is normal for some who are charged with protecting taxpayer dollars.