Voter Suppression and C. Robert Gibson Pt.1

 The NH AG’s Office just scored an indictment against interstate Democrat activist and dirty trickster, C. Robert Gibson. He was indicted on two counts of voter suppression, both felonies.

It is rare that election laws in NH are enforced so this is a huge victory for NH citizens who are subject to waves of out of state activists and voters lured to NH by the Presidential Primary.

Gibson is a real treat for those who want clean election in our state. He is a chance to learn how left wing activists operate and a chance for NH Legislators to tighten our almost nonexistent election laws should NH break free of Democrat governor vetoes of clean election laws.

This particular guy is being passed off by traditional media as a “volunteer” who had too many beers one night and pulled off a goofy prank.

Not so.

C. Robert Gibson is an experienced attack activist who arrived in NH in 2012 as part of a team from a progressive PAC out of San Francisco, Ca.

Her he is on You tube leading an anti Congressman Guinta protest in 2012.

Funny how HE is the one awaiting trail: