Which One Never Belonged

Which One Never Belonged

This is a tale of two former members of the Republican Party. One was a Republican with conservative principals - the other - not so much.

Which one leaving the party actually matters?

Tom Tancredo was a Congressman from Colorado for ten years and was ahead of the times regarding illegal occupation of America by foreign border jumpers. He has finally stopped trying to defend the indefensible. He is a free man.

Congressman Tom Tancredo has a list of some specific differences with the Republican elites:

“We got condescending lip service, and nothing more.

*Promises have been broken and principles abandoned, while millions of American families watched their dreams slip further and further out of reach.

*Republican congressional leaders maneuvered to deliver votes to fund President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order, and more recently, his unprecedented job-killing EPA rules.

*They have voted twice in four years to violate the very modest, bipartisan caps on spending put in place with the laughably-named “Budget Control Act” in 2011 — and now have abandoned the caps completely.

*They have voted to continue funding what is essentially a $500 million macabre earmark for abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

*They have voted to fund Obamacare, and despite promises, have never passed a complete repeal of the PPACA.

*No one has been held accountable for the outrageous IRS and VA scandals.

*And now, as icing on the poisoned cake, House Republicans have elected a Speaker who was not asked to renounce his commitment to open borders and amnesty, policies which will betray the values of 75% of the party and give Democrats a permanent electoral majority within a decade.”

An article about his leaving the Republican Party is found here:


On the flip side we have a guy who just wrote a book about how he is quitting the Republican Party – just in time for the 2016 elections. What a coincidence.

This guy’s reasons for abandoning his favorite, long time political party sound eerily like Democrat talking points - imagine that. His name is Jimmy. You don’t even have to know his last name, “Jimmy” is enough.

Jimmy has learned that the Republican Party hierarchy protects the bigots among them to gather votes. The bigots don’t like homosexuals and people of color from other countries.

All you need to know about Jimmy is what he put in one paragraph of his recent book tour interview. Check this out:

“I started my career in my early-20s as a Republican activist and professional staffer in politics. It was in my mid-20s when I came out and came to terms with my sexual orientation. I dropped out of politics then. I actually when to work for an opera company, raising money; I thought, “Well, I’m gay now; I’ll go raise money for opera.” [Laughs]”

Jimmy also made his mark on our NH presidential primary with some homosexual stereotypical “political advertising.”

Check this out:

“Here is a funny story, which I did not include in the book, but wish I had remembered it when I was writing the book. Several years ago, my organization, GOProud, had a breakfast at the New Hampshire presidential primary. It was the day before the primaries. We had an invitation distributed throughout the Radisson hotel, which is the main hotel in Manchester. It was very gay, funny, and campy. It had pink lettering.”

This full book tour interview here:


Back to Jimmy who seems to think it is funny to use homosexual stereotypes – homosexual men prefer opera and pink – in his left wing media web interview. Is that funny or what?

Here is a joke Jimmy thinks is funny to tell around the office:

“We used to have a joke in our office that gay conservatives take it from both ends. [Laughs] That was true. We got attacked from all sides.”

(Jimmy’s subtle humor must have had everyone in the office cracking up.)

How about some analysis of the arguments and statements made by the two former Republican Party members?

I think Jimmy might have been talking about people like Tom Tancredo when he was referring to Republican “bigots” as he describes them. Tancredo is a conservative. That should be enough of a target for Jimmy to slap bigot a label on.

But flying in the face of Jimmy’s discovery that the Republican leadership coddles its conservatives is Tom Tancredo’s detailed description of the opposite. In fact, most anyone paying attention to Republican Party inner working knows there is an effort by Republican leadership to rid itself of conservatives and constitutionalists. That has been going on for decades. It is out in the open now for all to see.

Jimmy, on the other hand, names no names or instances of bigotry he suffered when he worked as a Republican activist. He paints all Republicans who don’t like his pink campy campaign literature as bigots and himself as a victim. Some victim Jimmy was – Republican paychecks and all - and now the payoff – a book in time for an election.

I don’t give much credence to Jimmy leaving the Republican Party because he is one of its major problems – people who pretend to have conservative principals seem to get a paycheck for little more than sabotage and self promotion.

Tom Tancredo still is a conservative and was always a conservative.

It looks like Jimmy was a liability to the Republican Party from day one and an opportunist as well.

Good luck with the book Jimmy. I assume it is campy and printed in pink with a free opera cd?