Breaking News Certainly Is a Trial

Is it puzzling that sitting in NH, awaiting trial for voter suppression aimed at Republicans, is a multi-state Democrat activist who has a long history of dirty tricks and shady activities – but the media and Republican Party have no interest in him at all?

Or is this business as usual?

Carl Robert Gibson has been registered to vote in at least five states in the last five years and has residences in three.

He was arrested in NH in May of this year for voter suppression while a volunteer for far left Democrat candidate Maureen Mann who was running for a NH House seat in a special election. He pretended to be Mann’s Republican opponent in that special election and issued a fake press release saying Mann’s opponent was dropping out of the race days before the votes were to be cast.

But this is type of behavior is common to Carl Robert Gibson.

In 2011 Gibson issued a fake press release to reporters at the Associated Press, who are also uninterested in Gibson’s activities in NH, stating General Electric was going to pay billions in “owed” taxes, causing GE stock to drop by billions. For some reason, no charges were filed.

Before that, in 2010, Gibson was fired from Mississippi Public Radio for releasing the stations inner office communications to friends at a liberal paper, story here: His quote at the time: Leaking the memo was a violation of MPB policy, Gibson acknowledged, but he mostly regrets sending it from his office email account, which was traceable. "I was not the only one leaking emails; I was the only one that got caught."

In 2012 Gibson came to NH to, by his own admission and book he wrote about it; to work with a multi-million dollar left wing political action committee called CREDO PAC, tasked with the job of defeating Congressman Frank Guinta. Gibson organized street protests and media attacks. He also registered to vote from a post office address of 26 Summit Street, the back door of his apartment at 85 Center St. in Concord.

As a side note, Gibson registered to vote and voted in Madison, Wisconsin in 2013 from his home at 244 Lakeland Place and voted again in Concord by absentee in the 2014 NH General Election.

Gibson has arrest records in half a dozen states from his political activities, mostly minor stuff like trespassing during protests.

So who pays for all this? And how did Maureen Mann meet Carl?

In 2013 Gibson had an apartment in Wisconsin, NH, a current drivers license from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and a car registered at his abode in Old Lyme Ct., where he was also registered to vote.

I am old enough to remember the Republican phone jamming news sensation that went on for eight years or more. A reporter from the Manchester paper spent his every waking moment digging up all kinds of minute details on that case. Find a refresher here:

News media and Democrat mouthpieces had that incident linked right to the White House and Halliburton – if not the Military Industrial Complex itself!

The last time we caught an interstate Democrat dirty trickster, most people can remember, it was Geoff Wetrosky the sign and vote stealing South Dakota resident living and voting from Democrat Kathy Sullivan’s home in Manchester. He was also a Democrat US Senate staffer like several other out of state vote thieves The Coalition of NH Taxpayers exposed in the last few years. But the NH media seems uninterested.

Once again, who is paying for Carl Robert Gibson to travel all over the United States from at least 2010, organizing protests, getting arrested, serving as the communications director for various left wing Democrat candidates, and generally making a nuisance of himself?

The Concord paper is supposedly interested in NH’s weak campaign finance laws.  Mainly they are targeting Americans for Prosperity’s past campaign filings. I commend them for doing Larry Lessig and the Vt. ice cream CEO’s bidding and all, but isn’t a pretty good story sitting in their back yard?