Typical Socialist

The French ambassador to the US is a lefty. He is opposed to citizens having weapons and thinks that a citizen defending himself with a gun only happens in movies.


Dear Mister Araud:

It was not that long ago that US troops defended your country when your army ran from the land they were born in - or surrendered. A few brave French citizens became partisans and fought with small arms during the occupation.

Our troops, American boys who grew up shooting at small game, big game, still targets, moving targets, competitively, and just for the fun of it, were accustomed to using weapons. Many were excellent shots long before joining the military.

You seem to exhibit the standard hypocrisy of a socialist, progressive, left-wing elitist.

You want men from other countries to defend yours.

There is no trust of the people you are lecture to but call your countrymen.

You and your pals at the UN have let an invading army of Muslim terrorists into your country – on purpose.

You believe in homosexual marriage but don’t want to marry your longtime boyfriend.

My favorite: You think you are better than Donald Trump.

What a, dangerous to your own country, laughable fool you are.