Lone Mental Case Murderer A National Crisis - Maybe Not

Obama has a crisis to exploit!

The mastermind of the deadly Colorado Planned Parenthood Meat Market shooting lived alone in a cabin in the woods with some solar panels for electricity, hmmmmmmmmmm?

The local paper gives a pretty good description of the guy.


He looks and lives oddly like the Unabomber. Anyone else notice that? Except that the Unabomber used explosives the two mental cases seem rather like twins.

It is hard to try and blame the Second Amendment for the Unabomber. He was just your average liberal, Al Gore worshiping terrorist. But now we have a genuine gun crisis right before an election so Obama springs to action before the shooting stops. What a leader.

Sleep easy citizens. We think we have the entire Colorado situation in hand.

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper has determined that the no email or computer mastermind of the Colorado tragedy, unless you are exploiting it, was spurred by right-wing bloggers:


Rather than waiting to see if the shooter is a lone wolf mental case mastermind who had no particular target in his sights, our progressive politicians are determined to make their “facts” up as they go along.