Extreme Media = Gang of Hate

As they have been doing since I was reading Jack Anderson as a teenager, the Extreme Media have targeted a conservative for destruction. This time it is Dr. Ben Carson.

But this time is different.

This conservative Republican candidate is standing up on his hind legs and fighting back. And the Extreme Media is losing.  It is fun to watch and may be a turning point and once again expose the Extreme Media/Elite Republican cabal that tries to dismantle any opposition to the “Washington, DC is the center of the Universe” crowd.

The other day I saw some elites were mocking Candy Carson’s outfit in a side by side fashion comparison with Mrs. Obama. Oh how sophisticated Mrs. Obama is compared to Candy Carson, they think. And this is how they intend to mock Dr. Ben Carson’s wife and make her squirm from personal attacks leveled from all sides?

The elites in the Extreme Media are planning to have at Mrs. Carson by attacking her looks, when they have a female candidate who is simply stunning in her pants suits? Is that a good idea? Or have the progressive nothing left but hate and ridicule – again.

Earlier this year I sat between Dr. Ben Carson and Candy Carson in Exeter for about half and hour having coffee and talking with them. This was when Dr. Carson signed the Americans for Tax Reform - No New Taxes Pledge.

It is difficult for me to remember meeting a nicer, down to Earth couple involved in a Presidential Primary than the Carson’s. They are right in there with Shelly and Pat Buchanan. They are people you would like to sit and talk with about any subject.

So the Extreme Media thinks the Carson’s are soft targets because they are a soft spoken and humble couple unlike what the Democrats have to offer in the way of the Clintons or Obama’s?

This could blow up in the Extreme Media’s face.

I hope so. America would be better place instantly.