Carly Fiorina Flips Reporter But Good!

Carly Fiorina pegs it with this interview:

She did not buy into the fake outrage of the left and the media, she stayed on point explaining how the left tries to demonize opponents.

When I first became, reluctantly, involved with municipal politics in my town the same happened to me. I was demonized all over this small community by a bunch of leftists who were former Viet Nam protesters and left wing activists from out-of-state who moved here before me and planted their flag.

I adopted a policy that once demonized – become the demon, and so I have, much to the regret of my opponents who still spend most of their time community organizing my small town.

Carly Fiorina is the new breed of conservative that seems to have piled up against the media dam in 2015. She fights back and stays on message – no matter what.

If you are not a liar it is perfectly acceptable to tell the media that.

It is also perfectly acceptable and smart to not apologize for something you did not say.

Stay on focus and do not give in to traps.

I remember how Sam Donaldson answered a reporter about the dead body found on his tax write off ranch when asked some simple questions about the incident. He said, “I will not participate in my own destruction.”

Other conservative candidates would do well to follow Sam Donaldson’s advice.