Main Stream Media Manipulated

All the Washington insider experts who know how to run a campaign are telling Donald Trump that the issue of Bill Clinton’s proven proclivity to assault any woman standing nearby is off limits when it comes to Hillary, his enabler and co-conspirator.

And that’s what is wrong with Washington insiders. Nothing that might upset their standing in DC is subject to a critical review now and then – unless it is something derogatory about conservatives, constitutionalists, or especially, social conservatives. Watch former George Bush spokeswoman, Fox New talker, Dana Perino, end almost any discussion of a Democrat Socialist scandal by saying, “both sides do it.”

By brining up women’s champion Hillary as an enabler of rape and sexual assault by her deviant husband, Donald Trump is cutting off, in advance, the legs of her campaign to label any future opponent as sexist. There goes the War on Women the Democrat Socialists used to motivate not so bright female voters in the last few elections.

You may not want to accept this fact but not many young women, the votes Hillary is counting on, were adult enough to remember Bill Clinton’s oral sex in the White House days. They need an update and Donald Trump can deliver in a fashion the media can not ignore.

Have the Republican minority elites learned nothing from Trump’s campaign or are they so attached to Washington money and power they are totally blind? Let me guess.

If reviewing sex scandal Clinton history is a third rail for any politician why are Trump’s opponents not egging him on? It could be for some Republican candidates a desire to stay on message. I can accept that. But why not let a media master give some more woodshed learning to future Republican candidates?

Like a relay race to dismantle the Clinton legacy, its time to pass the cigar to someone smart enough to play the media’s game of never letting go of a scandal by educating new voters about how much “fun” the white House used to be with Clintons in it – unless you are female.