Some Tough Sledding For Democrat Candidate Martin O’Malley

A snow storm and a political event, even with free food, often don’t mix. One guy shows up for Martin O’Malley’s town hall meeting. But at least he looked the part:

Looking back on this poor use of any candidate’s time, maybe taking the opportunity to get some media coverage in NH would have been more effective. But we will never know.

Twice I tried to get someone, anyone from the Martin O’Malley campaign to email me back about doing some NH talk radio, blogs, anything. No response.

This reminds me of the Congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, who I tried unsuccessfully to get on WLMW 90.7. I made the mistake of speaking with his scheduler, some guy in a London Fog coat.

I asked if he could set up a time to be on our then taxpayer radio program. He told me Congressman Kucinich had a plan for health care.

I said great, would he like to talk about it on a NH radio station so voters could hear it?

He told me that I didn’t understand how important it was for people to have health care. So I told him that it would be nice to get that plan to potential voters.

And so it went, on and on, just like that. Then I gave up.

My pal Dennis and I had a photo taken, arm in arm. He gave me a post card with a picture of his high school football team on it.

That’s more than I got from Governor Martin O’Malley.