He Just Endorsed Hillary!

Not content to buy influence from a politician, this billionaire “conservative” Republican is willing to vote Hillary instead of Trump?


Guys like this elected Obama – twice.

It is nice to know this billionaire is a Jeb Bush supporter, which by the way may not be quite factual. I would say he is more like a billionaire who wants to buy political influence from either side.

My proof is found in his own words – he would vote for Hillary (and Bill, it’s a team package in case you forgot).

Mr. Bosch doesn’t say he would skip voting, what’s one vote in millions. He claims he would vote for Hillary which means he would instantly be a supporter. That is a bit different than skipping a vote. Simply by going public he is already supporting Hillary with this interview.

Mr. Bosch isn’t a fool. He can get influence with Hillary just as easily as with Jeb Bush – who should renounce Mr. Bosch as soon as possible if he wants any credibility.

The only way Bosch loses is if trump wins. He can’t buy Mr. Trump.

See why he is throwing his hissy fit.