Southern Commie Lawsuit Center Apologizes

The Southern Poverty Lawsuit Center publishes a list of people they hate. They hate them for various reasons that mostly stem from their target’s opposition to the SPLC march towards communism, special rights for homosexual, extra rights for illegal aliens, and in general, letting the inmates run the asylum we call the USA. Some of the people they hate are dead. But that doesn’t stop them from naming them on their list.

Back in October under their list of people they hate they listed Dr. Ben Carson. It seems they needed a black Republican to fill out the list. But now they have written an apology of sorts. Maybe the hate accusation caused a dip in donations? Who knows? That isn’t important.

What is interesting is that they have recently come up with a non-apology for the Oct. 15, 2014 posting of Dr. Carson as an extremist.

That leaves about five months before anyone noticed their attack on Dr. Carson.

Wow, what a powerful web site you have SPLC.

It looks like you are on the “favorites” list of a whole handful of readers to bring about such a sudden, national reaction.

I don’t feel so bad about the light traffic I get for my conservative articles when I see how bad SPLC’s traffic is.

I guess their brand of hate isn’t selling so well.

Who can they sue to remedy that problem?