Special Right to Silence Opposition Championed by Marquette U. Homosexual Lobby

Another “college” another story of oppression and stifling of free speech by the charlatans of higher education is on display. This time it is the homosexual lobby that finds any opposing position, speech, or thought to homosexual “marriage” unbearable.

Enter one student with his trusty tape recorder who met with a biased, anti-heterosexual, professor after class to let her know that her suggestion that everyone in the class she was indoctrinating, his class, supported homosexual partnerships posing as marriage.

The indoctrinator told the student to go find another class if he didn’t want to offend the homosexuals in her charge.

Next we have a professor in the same institution post a story on his blog about the event from the recording supplied by the minority position student.


The real professor was fired by the institution of advanced bigotry and more is to come I am sure.

I love the snarky responses by the progressives who posted comments on the professor’s blog.

They are a real learning experience for those unfamiliar with nose in the air liberal elites.

The rest of us have seen all this before.

The school will willingly spend whatever it takes to get opposing views off campus when the professor and student win their cases. But what if the school has to take the professor back?

As for the totalitarian professor who runs a tight opinion ship, Cheryl Abatte, she certainly learned from her professors that towing the line gets you ahead in higher education these days. Her photo included in the blog she looks like she might be running a babysitting service if not for being a professor.

Oh wait, the two are not so different at Marquette these days except college students are much more controllable than four year olds. That takes talent.