The Face of Amnesty

According to various news reports US Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D) Mexico is threatening violence if illegal border jumpers are not allowed to collect IRS Earned Income Tax Credits, get drivers licenses, welfare, health care, and the “right” to vote along with him - against American interests.

What fine kettle of fish tacos this is.

Thank you Democrat Party! I don’t know who else to congratulate except maybe the big business money behind supposedly cheap labor. Americans certainly don’t approve.

One has to ask where this violence will begin. Does Democrat Congressman Gutierrez have a battle plan? That would be nice. As we see from General Obama, you can’t win a war without a plan, or a strategy, or a general idea, or a hunch.

I wonder if it will be plain old open open-border violence or some sort of terrorist venture. ISIS is on a roll maybe our good congressman will fashion his threatened violence after that fun crowd of “folks” – as Obama calls them.

It could be that US Congressman Democrat Louis Gutierrez is just blowing smoke because he lives in a bubble – liberal vote ghetto bubble, where he can get elected for being a traitor.

So let’s sum it up.

A United States Democrat Congressman is threatening a violent reaction by illegal border jumpers, his main group of supporters, for American citizen’s unwillingness to treat them as legitimate citizens. What he is demanding is that we let people intimidate us who did not have the courage to stand up to the dictators and corrupt governments of their home countries.

Democrat Congressman Gutierrez wants Americans from all over the country to support the families of people who left other countries, countries with perfectly good natural resources, endless coastlines, farmable land, freedom from invading enemies, close international trading partners, and just about every advantage Americans who came to the United States had when this country was developed.

What fabulous citizens they would make.

Good luck with your violence Louis.

I hope you are on the front lines.