Professor Obama

Barack Hussein Obama can not say Islamic Terrorist. It is not in his nature, I guess because he was raised as a Muslim and has written in one of his self-promoting books that he will always side with Islam when push comes to shove. Maybe he is telling the truth, who knows by now because he such a progressive. Progressives say things for political gain. They do not consider them lies. Always take that into consideration when dealing with them.

Barack Hussein Obama can repeatedly compare Christian military atrocities of hundreds of years ago to the beheadings and live incineration of captives by Muslims happening right now. Dredging up injustices hundreds of years old are often excuses in the Middle East for current terrorism and genocide committed by Muslims. That sounds about right because Muslim clerics do this all the time.

So let’s do this.

How about we stop calling NAZIS, NAZIS? Why not just call them what they are, SOCIALISTS, German socialists.

We can call Obama’s pals Bernadette Dorn, Bill Ayers, and the rest of that bunch Marxists because that is what they are. They are certainly not professors. They are Marxist indoctrinators and terrorists in the name of Marxism.

Obama and Hillary’s favorite author, Saul Alinsky, was a communist. Why not just refer to him as a communist? For that matter, so is Nelson Mandela an unabashed communist. There is a wonderful picture of Mandela giving the communist closed fist salute in front of a hammer and sickle flag when he took over South Africa.

The Bathists of Iraq and Syria, who make up much of the core of ISIS are communists, as was Saddam Hussein. Do you think Russia supported him for being a capitalist?

Maybe it is time we all started using real terms for groups and individuals we deal with in the world.

Thank you Barack Hussein Obama for the chance to clear things up.