Where Would Liberals Be Without The Old Worn-Out Race Card?

Not only is the most recent editorial shameless and predictable, the Concord paper’s title is all you need to read to know what their objective really is.

“Giuliani’s cheap shot is plain racism” bleats the left wing propaganda sheet posing as a legit city newspaper. How long do they think the public will go one buying this load?

Wasn’t it one Margaret Warner, a former writer at this Concord paper, who is worshipped by the elites, the one who labeled President George Bush a wimp? And the proof of that?

So what is next?

Are readers going to enjoy the recent high school grads who pose as reporters for the Concord paper asking Republican candidates if they are racists like Rudy Giuliani? Oh how novel.

I remember standing in the Republican Party Office at 136 Main St. when Gordon Humphrey announced his campaign for Governor after serving as a US Senator. What was the first question asked by our NH press? “How do you stand on abortion,” was the most important issue they could come up with to play “tag you’re it” with Senator Humphrey.

This old game lands us in 2015 on the way to replacing a president who has shown no love of his country, respect for the rule of law, our Constitution, or the institution he has damaged since showing how well the only real skill he has is campaigning and reading teleprompters. Oh, I forgot to mention Obama is a pathological liar as well. He piles lies on top of lies and then starts over.

More people need to take time and review where this guy came from, who raised him, the so-called Christian church he belonged to in Chicago, and what his true agenda is as President.

Rudy Giuliani just opened the door for that national debate. Let Obama and the liberal media try and defend him once that takes hold.

Jimmy Carter’s second and third terms are what Obama’s legacy will be.

Maybe we can turn the page on worn out liberal media gimmicks for good.