Bend Over And Negotiate, Boys

Ask your progressive friends about Obama and John Kerry’s intent to give Iran cover to develop atomic weapons.

Phrase it this way:

Do think it is wise to help men who buy and sell nine year old girls acquire atomic weapons?

See what you get for an answer.

Everyone knows most hard left progressives don’t care about the plight of Israel if Iranian Mullahs get the weapons they need to destroy that country before it could defend itself. Israeli pilots would shoot down Iranian jets in a regular conflict thirty to one, so Iran would need a knockout attack to win. They know that.

See if your progressive friends care about sex slavery if it involves small children.

Maybe they have talking points for that question ready to go.

Iran belongs to the “negotiated in good faith” UN Convention of the Rights of the Child – except the part about nine year old brides. So let’s negotiate with them on atomic weapons.

By the way.

I’m real proud of John Kerry for letting the Iranian nuclear negotiator yell at him like he was some sort of errand boy and not a bona fide Viet Nam War hero pretending to be the US Secretary of State.