Some Of That Old Black Racist Magic

Eric Holder slinks away from public office as the United State’s Attorney General. Can you believe this guy actually held this position and we are all still alive?

Comrade Holder has mentioned, as a parting shot, that people should read a very important book about a crook, male prostitute, street hustler, convicted violent felon, racist, on-again off-again Muslim named, Malcolm Little, also known as Malcolm X, who liked to be called, l-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

It is just a guess on my part but I assume Eric Holder isn’t limiting his suggestion to read Malcolm’s autobiography to only minorities involved in the struggle. He does want the “white devils” to read the book as well.

“White Devils” is how Malcolm describes people like Obama’s grandmother, you know, the average white person.

It would probably be in the best interest of us white devils to learn about how racist we are. And who better to teach us than a person of such intellect and way with words.

Is “White Devils” a bold and proud label like “Black Panthers” is to progressives?

What a great name for a high school hockey team. Who could call that team name racist if “Malcolm the Pius” invented it?

Yes, America has a lot to learn from a racist anti-racist!

Pick one of the ones mentioned above - or all three.