All Hail Rail

About that commuter train from Lowell, Ma. to Nashua, NH, I have a better idea that is just as implausible.

Take that same train and a new set of tracks, build a rail system that goes non-stop from Lowell Ma. to Bartlett, NH and there you have it.

But it has to be non-stop.

Every commuter car will be separated by a rail car that will be set up to hold snow mobiles, four-wheelers, bicycles, skis and non-household cargo. Then you simply pick up the real cash cows for the North Country and ship them up there, let them spend their money and ship them back without a single one moving here permanently.

Once you have made a few million in totally subsidized returns then simply build the next link to Pittsburg, non-stop from Bartlett, non-stop back to Lowell.

Now you can drop off cross-country skiers, snowmobilers, four wheelers and the like at Pittsburg so they can take various the public trails back to Bartlett, stopping at private places of business along the way and never staying NH permanently – that is important.

Oh, I forgot one extra idea I had. Every fifth, get it “fifth,” commuter car would be a NH State Liquor Car.

Now what could go wrong with that plan? NH can’t build a new power line for electric hydro power or a new natural gas line but surly the eco-Luddites wouldn’t mind having a few extra miles of rail lines.

Make a few bucks on this rail line and you have accomplished the impossible – making a few private sector bucks on rail line.

How long would it be before Montreal would start building towards our New Hampshire Miracle?

I have set up my own consulting firm to help states and municipalities BUY into this scheme. It’s in my garage.