Neal Kurk Takes On Bullies...Oh, Wait

I don’t always come down hard on elected officials because I have found that sometimes you may not always have all the details of why they do some of the dumb things they do. From dealing with them, especially the ones who get elected to the NH Legislature, I have found many legislators  completely abandon their professed conservative principals within a few weeks after being elected as they come to understand “how the place works.” 

“Ed, you don’t understand how the place works.” I hear it all the time. I understand that much from my former small government champions.

Yesterday, I came to understand something about a certain State Rep. who took such offence at having been “over emailed” by a group of taxpayers, I would consider to be in my small government camp, that he had to get in their face and raise his voice to express how angry he was.

The group of small government, taxpayer friendly, activists who were simply trying to get their point across by emails and standing at Legislators Hall with home made signs - was a group of charter school supporters – adults and a good portion of young people in tow.

The State Rep. who in my opinion has now proven he no longer belongs in a citizen legislature is Weare Representative, Neal Kurk.

When a Representative in the General Court thinks it is his prerogative to dress down, in a loud voice, a citizen with a group of young students, for violating his email it is time for that Legislator to retire.

I was embarrassed by and ashamed of Rep. Kurk.

There was one other State Rep. who chimed in, I could hear him across the stairwell, that he was now going to vote against the charter school bill because he got too many emails. I know who he is but forgot his name. He will be named later on when I look him up. For now I will call him Neal Kurk’s assistant bully who taught the charter school students a lesson regarding how adults in a legislature act.

I have the sneaky suspicion several legislators wanted an excuse to vote against the Charter School Bill and claiming their email was violated was an easy and cowardly way out. I can understand and completely accept that political style.

But to lean in on, dress down and embarrass NH citizens who are simply trying to compete with a horde of paid lobbyists, when they had young people there to help lobby for their cause, was totally unacceptable in my opinion and it is time for him to go.