Welcome Jeb Bush

Dear Governor Bush:

When coming to NH to campaign for President you will run into many different types of “experts” who are willing to help you. I have carved out my own tiny area of expertise over the last 30 years or so from watching these events.

I have some advice:

1. Climb off the bus and shake some hands. (I think that is great advice.)

2. Hit as many over-cooked chicken dinners as possible. (Bring an antacid.)

3. Breath mints are a must!

4. Have some contacts from NH to escort you around. (Choose people who might actually be on your side.)

5. Try to avoid letting your “contact” make himself your unofficial spokesman. (Warning: Fergus!)

6. Always avoid a self-serving media sponge. (Warning: Fergus!)

7. Associate with people who are not complete political failures. (Warning: Fergus!)

8. Never let your contact be a person whose goal is to alienate the base of the party you might be from. (Warning: Fergus!)

9. Yale doesn’t always produce smart people. (Warning: Fergus!)

10. Relax, spend a lot of slales tax free campaign money and have a good time.