If The Devil Bargained With Another Devil, What Would The Bargain Look Like?

I think I have this Iranian Nuke Deal the Barack Hussein Obama Administration is putting together, in secret, with the  bargaining expertise of never employed in the public sector John Fitzgerald Kerry, all figured out.

1. The Iranians, in a country of 77 million, want to be a world power and a deadly threat to all Christian and Jewish nations so as to make the entire World subject to their genocidal form of Islam.

2. The Barack Hussein Obama Administration, in a country with in all likelihood 77 million illegal immigrants, wants a secret deal, exempt from Congress, which is solely intended make Republicans look bad in the next election.

Can you see the conflict here?

The next question is, if we are so good at bargaining with countries in the Middle East why were we paying $107 per barrel a few months ago? “Bargaining” has the word “gain” in it after all.

I looked this up. The cost to produce a barrel of fracked oil in North Dakota is $22 per barrel.

So why aren’t we the richest country in the World?

Apparently we can’t or refuse to bargain in our own best interest. Or we are on a suicide mission.

Maybe both.