If You Can't Be Tall Be Handsome

No one has taken a photograph of Russia’s Putin since March 5, 2015. This is causing quite a stir in international circles. All kinds of speculation is peppering news reports of a coup, a possible illness, or some kind if self-imposed hiding to let things cool down after his major political opponent turned up dead.

I have a different suspicion. Not that I care that much but it seems so logical.

Take a look at photos of Obama from eight years ago and Hillary from eight years ago and then look at Putin. The guy has not aged a bit, not one bit.

My guess is he might be having a little more “work” done by the plastic surgeon he has obviously been visiting.

How can anyone run a dictatorship with all the problems Putin has, day in and day out, and not have one grey hair or wrinkle?

Go ahead and laugh now.

When Putin shows up with two eye patches on claiming he fell off his bike or was hurt windsurfing I can say I told you so.