Will It Never End

The guy who runs Star Bucks (it’s a very expensive coffee shop) wants to have a “conversation” about race.

Go ahead and chat away says I!

There is no need for me or anyone I associate with to enter one of these places and that suits me just fine. These stores are in well lit, hip parts of most communities as well as college towns, financial districts, government enclaves, and in most of Sprawlistan, USA.

If Mr. Hipster Roaster wants to have a conversation about race all he need do is plop a couple shops in minority neighborhoods. They can talk a blue streak then.

Until Star Bucks is ready to proselytize their brand of race chatter on non-Homey turf, I think it is a bunch of pretentious nonsense meant to make the rich white owner and his moonbat troops feel superior.

Here is an idea!