Every Shadow Tells A Story, Don't It



Come on Hillary. Let’s have some fun with this. Lighten up for goodness sake.

A famous painter has slapped together a portrait for the lady masher that supposedly includes a shadow representing the, untested for cocaine for some reason, Monica Lewinsky sticky blue dress she kept as a token of their love. Here is the story:


After the Democrat President of the United States soaked the dress down with some body fluids in the Oval Office the dress became something of a pun now and then. And now it finds itself part of our American history.

Why not include this shadow in the official portrait of Bill Clinton. It portrays who he is.

I saw a shadow right in front of the Oriental vase that represented Juanita Brodderrick being attacked and bitten by the then Arkansas Attorney General, Democrat Bill Clinton.

If you look closely at the shadow on the left hand side of the portrait you can see Bill Clinton with his pants down soliciting Paula Jones and writing her a check for $800,000.00.

The portrait also has, on the frame, one of those sound buttons like on holiday greeting cards that play music. If you press it, it plays back Jennifer Flowers’s answering machine message from Democrat Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton telling Flowers that if you stick to a lie no one can ever catch you.

With all the history behind Democrat President Bill Clinton and his two landslide victories it shouldn’t be so hard to include the fun parts.

At this point Hillary, what does it matter?

People love the guy, you, not so much.