Dover, NH Monday 1 PM, City Hall

Monday morning Dave Scott of Dover and I will be present at a hearing of the Ballot Law Commission in that city. Dave Scott a former State Rep. and Dover City Counselor has gotten 250 signatures on a petition to have certain wards in Dover purged through RSA 654:38.  

The attorney for the City has filed a two page letter asking the Ballot Law Commission to deny the hearing. That makes sense. That is what any normal NH attorney would do who is paid by the citizens of a municipality – try and deny their right to petition for redress.

This all started with Dave Scott mailing some of the Election Day registrants of November 4, 2014 election and having over 70 returned for such things as; no such street, insufficient address, no forwarding address, etc, by the USPS. Apparently the City is perfectly happy with 70 voters it can not document as domiciled residents or reach by mail.

David Scott isn’t happy with that situation and he has decided to use the tools at his disposal.

Back in 2004 Davis Scott did somewhat the same thing and caught a number of people who seem to live in other states. I have that letter he sent to the Secretary of State on our wall in the CNHT office in Concord. Nothing was ever done by the city or the Secretary of State that I know of. And here we are again.

Dave has an e-mail from the SoS office asking that he e-mail everything he will be presenting for evidence to them so the BLC will be prepared. That was about four days ago. Dave got the letter from the Dover attorney yesterday. That seems odd in the usual way.

I have been asked by Dave Scott to help him with the hearing and I assume the attorney will object. The BLC can do what they want. That does not bother me one bit.

Here is a little something they will figure out after their decision, no mater how it goes. This hearing is a no lose deal for CNHT.

Good luck Ballot Law Commission.

Nice try Dover City Attorney.