I've Been To Some Secret Meetings

The eating of our own has begun at a pretty good clip, I would say. Welcome to Election 2016.

The ultra conservative Wall Street Journal, ok, I fib, has a very revealing story, from private sources, that Governor Scott Walker is flip-flopping on illegal immigration.

This flip-flopping tidbit is from Republican sources at this secret meeting. My senses say, “Hold it right there!”

Were these Republican sources Republicans the likes of Shawn Jasperite Republicans?

How about Fergus Cullen style Republicans, were they the sources for dirt on Governor Walker?

Could the unnamed Republican sources include one, or several, of the hundreds of Republicans who have already latched onto a candidate among the 20 or so we already have doling out positions and dollars.

To all readers of the Wall Street Journal:

It is early spring in New Hampshire and I have a news flash I am about to deliver to the uninitiated.

If a New Hampshire resident is not out tapping maple trees he is probably tapping some eager presidential candidate for every last drop of flatlander money he can boil out of him.

So take this flip-flopping story with a grain of salt and a tea spoon of syrup until the secret Republican meeting sources names come out. Or you can believe what you read in the WSJ. Either way it’s a risky business trying to tell who is stabbing who in the political back for their choice of the next nominee.

(Who is the WSJ backing? I thought it was Bush.)