The Hate That Is The Collective Henniker Left

The Hate That Is The Collective Henniker Left.

Once one is labeled as anti-government, which to progressives means you are opposed to waste and abuse of tax dollars, the lefties lock-step let their hair down.

At first it might be disturbing to people not familiar with moonbats but soon you can see the usual pattern.

Obama shoveled a dose of it to political opponents after he was elected. His pent up chance to deliver came as something in the order of, “We won you lost.” Oh how long he must have pined to say that in public.

Here is an example of constipated condesention from the college town of Henniker after their recent Town Meeting. It is one of three letters sent anonymously to three individuals who spoke at the Town Meeting:

“Many hope that your complete humiliation at town meeting this year will encourage you to come down from your high heels, er horse.

Your condescending and pedantic attitude is obnoxious and opens you to the ridicule you so deserve.

Obviously no one supports your town meeting antics.

If you can’t control yourself, do everyone a favor and just stay home.”

Let’s break this down for those of you who don’t understand progressives.

The author has taken it upon herself to speak on behalf of the “many” which means the anonymous writer is probably a public employee or beneficiary of public funding in some fashion. It is likely it is not from a student going to NEC.

The words “town meeting” should have been capitalized even in hate mail.

Liberal hate mail writers always take the position that makes them feel superior as in this case where the writer points to the target being deserving of ridicule and some one can’t control herself.

Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley is famous for to this when he writes about political opponents as being “unhinged.”  It is a reoccurring theme in left-wing retorts, the superiority complex on display.

But when push comes to shove it’s the pansy ass liberals who write anonymouse hate mail to make themselves feel better after a “victory” that stands out in this Henniker case.

Imagine how they gritted their teeth in their bed that Town Meeting night after “winning” so overwhelmingly. Just knowing some citizens had the guts to speak up scratched that liberal nerve and forced them to scribble a hate letter.

Who is the big Town Meeting winner in Henniker if the hate mailer can’t sleep at night without sending each opponent some hate mail on behalf of everyone else?