The Right to Know Law Under Attack Again

Big Government Democrats and RINOs have a great idea. If you can’t get rid of the Right to Know Law - make it too expensive to use!

HB620 will etch the beginning of charging to see public documents and, why not, attending meetings, in stone. Every year they will up the cost.

Didn’t NH voter amend the NH Constitution to ADD free access to meetings and documents because we went through this in the 70’s?

Right now you are not allowed to speak at many selectman or schools district meetings without the risk of getting arrested, so why not charge for attending?

One camel nose under the tent in dismantling the RTK Law was the last “revision” by the Right to Know Law Study Committee chaired by an attorney who tried to adopt LEGAL sequential meetings. That stupid idea did not make it through - thank goodness.

Funny that the longstanding committee did not even propose charging labor for complying with the Right to Know Law – and now here we are.

I have testified against weakening the RTK Law, letting non-residents vote, and a host of other bad legislation for several decades and every session lawmakers who should know better saddle right up to the first gutting of voters and taxpayers right they come across.

From now on it may simply be best to punish them after they have made poor decisions by exposing weak lawmakers in their home town before the next election.

It will take less time and maybe be more effective.

Look for your names on the blogs if you don’t have the common sense to know right from left or right from wrong.