Hey Barack, Take A Walk

This is how it works Obama, on the flip side.

The shame of Selma, Alabama was on display this weekend as the President of the United States walked arm in arm with various individuals who profess to support human rights. They are smug and defiant to say the least.

Walking, actually claiming, Selma as their home turf, black civil rights activists and other race baiters dared Republicans to show up and “march” with them.

This march was to bring awareness to how Southern Democrats treated minorities in the 1960’s.

I was looking at the photos and noticed the proud marchers did not invite the original owners of Selma, Alabama – the Mucogee Indians.

The Muscogee Indian Tribe was forcibly removed in the 1830’s from their historic lands around Selma by the Democrat President, Andrew Jackson.

Maybe Selma, Alabama should be memorialized by giving it back to the original people who settled it.

How shameful not to recognize who’s property one is marching on for freedom.

The Muscogee Indians should at least have their own march for freedom.

Maybe the “Great Divider” will show for that.