Stupid Is As Stupid Votes

The House Judiciary Committee has voted 14-4 in favor of a bill to pre-charge, charge for labor, and by the page or electronic document, for public information, my, how the newspapers in NH should be screaming.

The hapless Concord paper, down to about 15,000 daily circulation, can afford $1,000.00 for some details on a municipal issue? That should be interesting.

The Manchester paper is at best selling just over 40,000. Can they swing a couple hundred bucks for copies of municipal documents to prove a story correct? They can’t even print their own paper any longer.

Maybe we will be left with just blogger/journalists who can get inside info from locals who are lucky enough to get elected to a term on a school board or budget committee.

That suits me.

Just remember.

The next election cycle will have a bunch of taxpayer voters who were told they had to show $500.00 to see public documents they paid a “public servant” to collect.

Some school superintendents and city managers are notorious for skirting the Right to Know Law now. When the Legislature gives them the green light to hide what they are spending, bid rigging, and wasting it will be a whole new ball game.

Make sure your legislator knows his ass from his elbow on this issue. If he doesn’t, get a new one.