Little Men, Big Ideas

I have Science Daily on my favorites, even though I have to hold my nose past the never ending link of “Global Warming” to everything.

Being an archeology buff, I am a sucker for the “Fossils” section so putting up with climate nonsense is balanced by fresh news of some useful information now and then.

This though, is a gem:

MIT scientists are looking through Earth’s atmosphere, which they have completely figured out, to question why outer space is not behaving according to our scientific models.

Sound familiar?

Computer model must be right - universe and atmosphere must be wrong.

Here is the interesting first paragraph in this “science” article:

Date: March 4, 2015

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology


   A handful of new stars are born each year in the Milky Way, while many more blink on across the universe. But astronomers have observed that galaxies should be churning out millions more stars, based on the amount of interstellar gas available. This study explains why galaxies don't churn out as many stars as they should.

Rather bold of our MIT geniuses to question the brightness of the universe based on their humble data, isn’t it?

I guess when your hockey stick data exposes  global warming, predicts glacier movements, masters weather patterns, predicts hurricanes, tsunami’s, jet streams, acid rain, ice ages, and the destruction of the ozone layer, the next logical step is to question the universe itself. It was inevitable.

Now that we know the universe is broken how do we go about getting Congress and the UN to fix it?