Today I deleted Drudge from my favorites. I just couldn’t take it any longer.

Every time I click on Drudge it seems a picture of that thing Bill Clinton married comes up. She has the wide open eye stretch going on or some absolutely fake smile spread across her mug.

But when I have to look her AND their daughter Sasquatch as well – enough!

The Arkansas Mafia has made millions for itself and I hope if she does win the presidency her incompetence will force this country to the point citizens will “fix’ it on their own, state by state.

But until that time I need a break. I can’t stomach looking at her on Drudge any longer. No other news aggregate has to have an image with her story every time.

Imagine how the Cherokee Indian’s supporters feel looking at Mrs. Rodham?

That is the one saving grace about 2016, watching elites watch the most leftist hope they have had since Obama sit it out at Harvard grinningly spinning tales of utopia if only we crush capitalism and divide the wealth among “each other.” (Why isn’t Hiawatha teaching at a poor college by the way?)

When it comes to a certain reoccurring inevitable candidate who has to announce her campaign on Twitter because she can’t draw a crowd anywhere in America, I think both sides have their reservations about looking at her.